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last  update 10 Juanary 2009


CheckList Manager X for Flight Simulator X ready!!!


After you purchase CheckList Manager your e-mail address will be insert in our data-base and  when an update will be ready you'll be informed and have it  free of charge. CheckList Manager is an 'Open Project', in this page, you'll find the models about CheckList Manger will be developed (the list will be update following your votes) and relased models for download.   Of course, before install added aircrafts, you need to have installed CheckList Manager.

To realize a good product for any aircraft we have to:
-  purchase model 
-  study manuals and tutorials
-  develop software
-  test software 
-  release it




PMDG 747-400 
Level-D 767-300ER *
PSS Dash 8-Q300
PSS A330 *
PSS A340 *
Dreamfleet Boeing 727 for this model two versions: with and without brake/duct pressure bug consideration
MDMax Super 80  for this model, in all message, you'll find  area's panel coordinates in MDmax's method
737 PIC Feelthere/Wilco **
MADDOG 2006 *
Wilco Airbus V1 318/319/320/321*
Wilco Airbus V2 330-200/300*
Wilco Airbus V2 340-300/600*
Wilco Airbus V2 380*
Captain Sim   Legendary C-130 ***
Majestic Dash 8-Q300


 * for this aircraft  an entry level  FMC/CDU programming procedure  developed

** for 737-XXX PIC the IRS alignment procedure developed too   

 ***  for  Captain Sim Legendary C-130  a Legendary CheckList Manager!!! More then 200 specific calls, realistic startup engines procedure, audible flaps calls to help pilot during aprroach, accurate speed/flaps control to assicure perfect takeoff and landing.                                     

Please, if you have  anti-spam program, include our e-mail address into authorized or you don’t receive news for update



 Update 0.4   (about 4 Mb released on Jan 10 2009). With this update for standard version of CLM you have :

CheckList Manager for PMGD 747-400, Level-D 767-300ER, PSS Dash 8-Q300, patch for Eaglesoft Cessna Citation X, PSS A330, PSS A340, Dreamfleet 727-XXX, MDMax Super 80, PMDG B1900D, 737-XXX PIC Feelthere/Wilco, MADDOG 2006 (you can choice two way to start Checklist Manager for Maddog 2006: Cold And Dark or Ready to Start according what you choiced into Manager & Setup Maddog 2006 program), Wilco Airbus V1 318/319/320/321, Wilco Airbus V2 330-200/300, Wilco Airbus V2 340-300/600, Wilco Airbus V2 380, Captain Sim Legendary C-130.

Messages for PSS Airbus during takeoff phase improved.

Randomized crew voices for all CheckList Manager supported aircraft. I have to say thank at Edward Patino, Emanuele Papponi and Robert Barber which help me to recording crew voices.

Attention, to have FMC/CDU programmation for PMDG 737-XXX NG  you need this update  even if this aircraft is included into CheckList Manager base pocket.

To receive Update 0.4 you have to send an e-mail here, after that we verify that you are a ChecList Manager customer, you'll receive instruction for download...

Per avere l'Update 0.4 inviate una e-mail qui, dopo aver verificato che siete acquirenti del CheckList Manager, riceverete le istruzioni per il download...


If you have any suggestion to improve CheckList Manager tell us!



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